About Us


DHC is an independent foundation that was established in 1997 in Indiana. It supports projects or programs that improve the health and general welfare of the greater Michigan City, IN, community. Its fields of interest include Community development, Education, Family Services, Healthcare, Clinics/Centers, and Human Services. It supports these areas by awarding grants and scholarships primarily in the metropolitan Michigan City, IN, area.

Duneland Health Council (DHC) is based on the following three basic goals:

  • To improve residents' health statuses, increase their life spans, and elevate their overall quality of life. A healthy community is not only one where its residents suffer little from physical and mental illness, but also one where its residents enjoy a high quality of life.
  • To reduce the health disparities among residents. By gathering demographic information along with health status and behavior data, it will be possible to identify population segments that are most at-risk for various diseases and injuries. Intervention plans aimed at targeting these individuals may then be developed to combat some of the socio-economic factors which have historically had a negative impact on residents' health.
  • To increase accessibility to preventative services for all community residents. More accessible preventative services will prove beneficial in accomplishing the first goal (improving health status, increasing life spans, and elevating the quality of life), as well as lowering the costs associated with caring for late-stage diseases resulting from a lack of preventative care.
These goals were derived from the 2005 Epidemiology Report. It has provided DHC information and guidance that has been useful in establishing community specific behavioral healthcare priorities toward the development of future projects.
Duneland Health Council is a member of the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance (Indianapolis) and the Association of Small Foundations (Washington, DC).
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