Mental Health

Mental Health Depression
More than one out of five Northwest Indiana adults report experiencing periods of chronic depression lasting two or more years, similar to the national finding.
Adults in Northwest Indiana are more likely to report not getting enough rest or sleep in the past month compared to their national counterparts.
Suicide death rates for all three counties combined compare favorably to national rates; however, suicide death rates are higher than average in Porter County.

Mental Health and Mental Disorders NW IN US HP2010 Significance vs. U.S. Significance vs. HP2010
% >3 Days/Month Did Not Get Enough Rest/Sleep 64.3 54.2   WORSE  
% Depressed Persons Seeking Help 43 40.7 50 similar Does NOT Meet Goal
% >3 Days/Month Poor Mental Health 19.6 18.7   similar  
% Prolonged Depression (2+ Yrs) 22.9 22.1   similar  
% Major Depression 8.4 8.5   similar  
Age-Adjusted Suicide Deaths/100,000 10.7 10.9 5 BETTER Does NOT Meet Goal