Injury and Violence

Injury and ViolenceMotor Vehicle Crashes
The combined three-county motor vehicle death rate is worse than the national rate, attributable to relatively high rates in LaPorte and Porter counties.
Bicycle Safety
Compared to kids nationwide, children in Northwest Indiana are much less likely to wear bicycle helmets.
Violent Crime
Adults in Northwest Indiana are more likely to report being a victim of a violent crime than their national counterparts.
Homicide & Suicide
Overall, the suicide death rate in Northwest Indiana is better than reported nationwide, although the Porter County rate is slightly higher than average. In contrast, homicide death rates are higher in Lake and LaPorte counties.

Injury and Violence NW IN US HP2010 Significance vs. U.S. Significance vs. HP2010
% Victim of Violent Crime in Past 5 Yrs 5.4 2.8   WORSE  
% Child "Always" Wears Bicycle Helmet (5-17) 20.5 43.2   WORSE  
Age-Adjusted Homicide Deaths/100,000 14.1 6.1 3 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
Age-Adjusted MV Accident Deaths/100,000 15.8 15.7 9.2 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Homes w/Unlocked Loaded Firearm 16 14.7 16 similar indeterminable
% Firearm in Home 29.6 31.6   similar  
% Victim of Domestic Violence in Past 5 Yrs 3.1 3.3   similar  
% Homes With Children With a Firearm 27.8 28.6   similar  
% Child (5-17) "Always" Uses Seat Belt 93.4 94.9 92 similar indeterminable
% "Always" Wear Seat Belt 84.9 77.4 92 BETTER Does NOT Meet Goal
% Child (<5) "Always" Uses Auto Child Restraint 99.5 93.2 100 BETTER indeterminable
Age-Adjusted All Accident Deaths/100,000 33.31 36.9 17.5 BETTER Does NOT Meet Goal
Age-Adjusted Other Accident Deaths/100,000 17.49 21.2 8.3 BETTER Does Not MEET Goal
Age-Adjusted Suicide Deaths/100,000 10.7 10.9 5 BETTER Does NOT Meet Goal