Our Focus

DHC has chosen to focus on areas identified in the 2005 Epidemiology Report.
The Epidemiological Report, a report on the health concerns of Northwest Indiana and an assessment of community health in Lake, LaPorte and Porter Counties, is a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in the region. The assessment provided the information needed to consider when developing effective interventions so that DHC could identify issues of greatest concern and decide to commit resources to those areas, thereby making the greatest possible impact on our community health status.
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Access to Healthcare

HealthcareBarriers to Access
Although Northwest Indiana respondents as a whole report less difficulty accessing healthcare (namely acquiring appointments with physicians) than found nationwide, African American respondents, as well as those living below or near the poverty level, are more likely to report difficulty accessing healthcare. Cost of physician visits is the only tested barrier that appears to impact an above-average share of Northwest Indiana adults as a whole.
Emergency Room Services
Northwest Indiana respondents living in poverty and African American respondents are much more likely to utilize emergency room services.
Health Insurance
African American respondents and those living below or near the poverty level are less likely to have health insurance coverage.
Primary Care Services
Hispanic and African American respondents, as well as those living below poverty, are less likely to have a specific source of ongoing care for their healthcare needs.
Access to Quality Health Services NW IN US HP2010 Significance vs. U.S. Significance vs. HP2010
% Cost Prevented Physician Visit in Past Yr 15 11.5   WORSE  
% Difficulty Getting Child's Healthcare in Past Yr 5.5 4.6   similar  
% Cost Prevented Getting Rx in Past Yr 18.9 16   similar  
% Lack Health Insurance (18-64) 17.4 15.3 0 similar Does NOT Meet Goal
% Gone to ER More Than Once in Past Yr 9.4 8.5   similar  
% Transportation Prevented Dr Visit in Past Yr 6.3 5.8   similar  
% Difficulty Finding Physician in Past Yr 8 8.7   similar  
% Have Had Routine Checkup in Past Yr 64.3 68.2   similar  
% Have a Specific Source of Ongoing Care 76.8 79 96 similar Does NOT Meet Goal
% Child Has Had Checkup in Past Yr 89.3 89   similar  
% Child (2-17) Has Visited Dentist in Past Yr 77.3 75.9 56 similar Meets Goal
% Have Visited Dentist in Past Yr (18+) 64.7 64.3 56 similar Meets Goal
% Difficulty Getting Appointment in Past Yr 10 13.3   BETTER  
% Difficulty Accessing Healthcare in Past Year 30.1 36 7 BETTER Does NOT Meet Goal


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