Overweight and Obesity

More area residents are overweight than seen nationwide. Similarly, more area residents are at an unhealthy weight than average Americans.
Northwest Indiana residents are less likely to consume fruits and vegetables compared to their national counterparts.
Age-adjusted diabetes death rates in Northwest Indiana (specifically in Lake and Porter counties) for diabetes are much higher than national rates.
Heart Disease
The heart disease death rate in the three-county area is higher than the rate nationwide. Looking at the three counties individually, heart disease death rates are highest in Lake and LaPorte counties. In addition, Northwest Indiana residents report a higher prevalence of high blood pressure than seen nationwide.
Overweight/Obesity & Nutrition NW IN US HP2010 Significance vs. U.S. Significance vs. HP2010
Age-Adjusted Diabetes Mellitus Deaths/100,000 32.81 25.4 15.1 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Eat 5+ Servings of Fruit or Vegetables/Day 32.4 37.9   WORSE  
% Unhealthy Weight (BMI <18.5 or 25+) 68.2 63.3 40 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Overweight 66.3 62 WORSE
Age-Adjusted Heart Disease Deaths/100,000 257.3 240.8 213.7 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Obese 29 25.7 15 similar Does NOT Meet Goal
% Overweights Advised to Lose Weight 27.9 24.4 similar
% Received Advice on Nutrition in Past Year 34 30.4 similar
% Overweight Trying to Lose 32.1 35.4 similar
% Children (6-17) Overweight 22.2 24.4 similar
% Diabetes/High Blood Sugar 11 8.7 similar
% Chronic Heart Disease 8.6 7 similar