Physical Activity

Physical ActivityActivity Levels
Compared to activity levels nationwide, Northwest Indiana area adults are less likely to engage in physical activity, including light/moderate physical activity, vigorous physical activity or any type of leisure-time activity.
Physical Activity & Fitness NW IN US HP2010 Significance vs. U.S. Significance vs. HP2010
% No Leisure-Time Physical Activity 31.5 26.8   WORSE  
% Light/Moderate Physical Activity 13.8 18.4 30 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Vigorous Physical Activity 31.5 36.3 30 WORSE indeterminable
Age-Adjusted Heart Disease Deaths/100,000 257.3 240.8 213.7 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Received Advice on Exercise in Past Year 39.8 36.6   similar