Tobacco Use

TobaccoTobacco Use
Tobacco use in Northwest Indiana is very high, as reflected in indicators measuring current smokers, households with a smoker, and children exposed to smoke in their home.
Lung Cancer
Compared to the national rate, the lung cancer death rate is higher in Northwest Indiana.
Respiratory Disease
Northwest Indiana has a higher prevalence of self-reported chronic lung disease compared to national benchmarks. Northwest Indiana death rates for chronic lower respiratory disease are also higher than national rates. Individually, chronic lower respiratory disease death rates are highest in Lake and LaPorte counties.

Tobacco Use NW IN US HP2010 Significance vs. U.S. Significance vs. HP2010
% Children Exposed to Smoke at Home 28.9 18.3 10 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Chronic Lung Disease 11.7 8.1   WORSE  
% Current Smoker 28.8 20.9 12 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Someone Smokes at Home 25.6 18.8   WORSE  
Age-Adjusted Heart Disease Deaths/100,000 257.3 240.8 213.7 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
Age-Adjusted Lung Cancer Deaths/100,000 59.85 54.9 49.9 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
Age-Adjusted CLRD Deaths/100,000 44.1 43.5   WORSE  
% Smoke Cigars 5.6 4.3 2 similar Does NOT Meet Goal
% Smoke 2+ Packs/Day 6.3 8.3   similar  
% Have Quit 1+ Days in Past Yr 54 48.7 75 similar Does NOT Meet Goal
% Use Smokeless Tobacco 3.6 3.9 0.4 similar Does NOT Meet Goal
% Received Advice to Quit Smoking (Smokers) 60.9 60   similar  
% Child Has Asthma 13.1 15.9   similar  
% Asthma 10.2 10.3   simlar