Since its inception in 1997 through today, Duneland Health Council has provided almost $7,000,000 in grant allocations to Greater Michigan City Area non-profit organizations to better the health and welfare of our community. We have quietly affected the lives of thousands by providing funding to the dedicated community organizations which touch and change the lives of those that need the most assistance in our community.

The initial funding for the Foundation was the proceeds from the sale of Memorial Hospital. A beloved organization to many local folks, Memorial Hospital was dedicated to improving community health and being an integral part of the community. Duneland Health Council carries on that tradition and keeps the spirit of Memorial alive by continuing to enrich lives in the greater Michigan City Area.

The diversity in funded projects is evident in the list of non-profit organizations who have been recipients of funding from Duneland Health Council over the last 17 years.  


What They're Saying

Quotes from former grant recipients

The diversity of the organizations Duneland Health Council has supported has allowed many a creative approach to providing service to a vast portion of individuals who are in need of health assistance.

Adolescent Health Center
 "Duneland Health Council has been an important community stakeholder of the Open Door Adolescent Health since the inception of our school-based health center in 1997. Duneland Health Council has had a mjor collaborative impact on the youth of Michigan City for over 17 years by helping fund health and mental health programs for adolescents at-risk. Over the past three years alone, Duneland has funding $85,000 in adolescent preventnion services that have save the community $425,000 in potential treatment of adult health and mental health issues."
- Deborah Briggs, Executive Director, Adolescent Health Center
Duneland Health Council has supported the Open Door Adolescent Health Center since 1997. The Adolescent Health Center is a comprehensive health and mental health school-based health center in the Michigan City Area School system. They increase access to primary physical and mental health services regardless of ability to pay, so that youth can achieve optimal health and maximum benefit from their education. They strive to reduce absenteeism, minimize interruption of education for health reasons and improve students' access to health services.

Citizens Concerned for the Homeless
"With grants from the Duneland Health Council, Sand Castle Shelter for Homeless Families has established several health and Health Literacy Programs. These programs and classes include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy classes (taught by a local LCSW), Smoking Cessation Classes and Nicotine Replacement Programs, Nutrition Classes (taught by representatives of Purdue North Central). Vegetable Juicing Programs and insurance programs enrollment workshops (HealthLinc and Healthy Communities). We also received an additional grant this year to extend these programs, and others, to Michigan City's newest facility, the Keys to Hope Resource Center. Thank you Duneland Health Council, the programs funded by your grants are changing lives!"
- Jim Musical, Executive Director for Sand Castle Shelter for Homeless Families and Keys to Hope Resource Center, Programs of Citizens Concerned for the Homeless, Inc.
Duneland Health Council has also provided funding for various projects/programs at the Sand Castle Shelter for the Homeless. The Healthcare Literacy Program was funded in 2014. This program provides cognitive behavioral, Health and Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, and a health insurance enrollment components for residents of the Shelter to aid them in their journey to self-sufficiency.

"The support Dunebrook, Inc. has consistently received from the Duneland Health Council has directly impacted the quality of life of families across LaPorte County. Filling gaps in state funding has stretched resources to serve hundreds of families each year through a home visitation model, meeting families where they are most comfortable and open to engagement. Duneland Health has also marshaled collaborative practices between community providers promoting the most efficient delivery of community resources possible. Dunebrook's home visitation services focus on the healthy development of young childfree including keeping a safe environment, helping parents learn healthy development expectations of their children and thereby reducing abuse & neglect, promoting a medical home providing access to consistent health care, and directly impacting healthy pregnancy practices and birth outcomes. Duneland dollars have allowed us to reduce the disparities of available family support and increase accessibility to services across our geographic area while promoting resource referrals through partnering providers as well. Duneland Health Council support continues to change lives throughout LaPorte County."
-Gail Johnson, Executive Director of Dunebrook, Inc.
The Lubeznik Center for the Arts provides Health Promotion through the Arts classes to two Michigan City organizations, Michiana Resources, Social and Learning Institute for the Disadvantage. This program has provided a continuing pattern of positive results that are documented through assessments and anecdotally from the families of the clients. Participants have cognitive impairments disabilities that range from Down Syndrome to brain injury to emotional and/or physical disabilities in addition to developmental/mental challenges. The art creation provides student with tools to assist in the development of self direction, social/helping others, problem solving, emotional/behavior, vocabulary, fine/gross motor skills and communication.
Dunebrook was created in 1989 by a devoted group of community members concerned about the welfare of children in LaPorte County. Dunebrook has since evolved into a family resource center, a provider of parental support, a home visitation program, parenting class facilitator, forensic interviewing site and an advocate and provider of public awareness for issues of child safety. Duneland provides funding for the Parent and Family Support Program. This program educates and guides parents to help increase competence and confidence in their roles as parents.

Past Grant Recipients

Child Health Education
  • Michigan City Area Schools
  • HOPE
  • The Voyager Program
  • LaPorte Paraochial Elementary Schools
Child Fitness
  • Michigan City Boys and Girls Club
Children with Special Needs
  • Barker Woods Enrichment Center
  • Parents Council for the Handicapped
Child Development and Intervention
  • Child Care Consortium 
  • Even Start Program
  • Dunebrook Child Abuse Prevention
  • Hours for Ours Mentoring Program
Community Health, Enrichment and Outreach
  • Franciscan Community Services
  • Salvation Army
  • United Way of LaPorte County
  • Healthy Communities of LaPorte County
  • International Friendship Gardens
  • Leadership LaPorte County
  • Family & Community Services
  • Communities in Schools
  • ICHHI -- Feasibility Study
  • Michigan City Police Department 
  • Sinai Forum
Dental Health
  • St. Anthony Memorial Dental Clinic
Disabled Community Members
  • Share Foundation
  • Lubeznik Center for the Arts
  • Social and Learning Institute
Elderly/Disabled Assistance
  • Catholic Charities/Retired Senior Volunteer Program
  • LaPorte County Council on Aging
  • LaPorte County Meals on Wheels
  • Michiana Resources
Family Health
  • Family & Community Services
  • Covering Kids and Families
  • Healthy Communities
  • Open Door Adolescent Health Center
  • Open Door Health Center
  • Maternal Health Clinic
  • LaPorte County Health Department
  • Michigan City YMCA
  • HealthLinc
Health Education
  • Purdue North Central
Homeless Community Members
  • Citizens Concerned for the Homeless
  • Salvation Army
  • Sandcastle Shelter
Medical Equipment
  • County Police and Fire Departments
  • Dorothy Crowley Juvenile Center
  • Marquette High School
  • Michigan City Area Schools
  • Michigan City Golf Course
  • Service League of Michigan City
Mental Health
  • Samaritan Counseling Center

Scholarships for Health Related Careers

  • IVY Tech Foundation
  • Purdue University North Central

Tobacco Cessation

  • Dunebrook - PSUP Program
  • Sandcastle Homeless Shelter
  • Keys to Hope Homeless Program

Woman's Health

  • St. Anthony Memorial Health Center - Maternal & Infant Health Program
  • Stepping Stone Shelter for Abused Women

These are but a few examples of the program and services supported by Duneland Health Council to enhance the health and welfare of the greater Michigan City Area. Duneland Health Council funds nonprofit, tax exempt, 501©(3) organizations providing health related services to the community. The application requires a completed application which includes a statement of need, program/project definition, budget, statement of funding sources, program measurements, copy of the most recent audited/reviewed financial statement and a copy of the IRS 502(c)(3) designation letter. The Grant Committee meets quarterly for submission reviews. For more information, please contact our office at 219-874-4193.

Contact Duneland Health Council for more information about what grants Duneland Health Council gives out and how to apply for a grant.


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