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DHC has chosen to focus on areas identified in the 2005 Epidemiology Report.
The Epidemiological Report, a report on the health concerns of Northwest Indiana and an assessment of community health in Lake, LaPorte and Porter Counties, is a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in the region. The assessment provided the information needed to consider when developing effective interventions so that DHC could identify issues of greatest concern and decide to commit resources to those areas, thereby making the greatest possible impact on our community health status.
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Substance Abuse

Substance AbuseSubstance Abuse
Northwest Indiana residents are more likely to binge drink (consume five or more alcoholic beverages on a single occasion) than adults nationwide.
Cirrhosis/Liver Disease Deaths
The Northwest Indiana death rate for cirrhosis/liver disease is higher than the national rate, attributable to a comparatively high rate in Lake County.
Substance Abuse NW IN US HP2010 Significance vs. U.S. Significance vs. HP2010
% Binge Drinker 17.7 13.7 6 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal
% Drinking & Driving in Past Month 4.3 2.8   similar  
% Illicit Drug Use in Past Month 2.7 3.3 2 similar indeterminable
% Driving Drunk or Riding with Drunk Driver 7.4 6.3   similar  
% Sought Help for Alcohol or Drug Problem 4.3 3.8   similar  
% Riding With Drunk Driver in Past Month 4 4.5   similar  
% Chronic Drinker 3.9 4.2   similar  
% Current Drinker 54.2 51.4   similar  
% Received Advice to Reduce Alcohol Use 2.3 1  BETTER
Age-Adjusted Cirrhosis/Liver Dis Deaths/100,000 10.7 9.4 3 WORSE Does NOT Meet Goal


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